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Spring 2020

CBCT Technology
Nipa Parikh RDH, MDS, BDS
Explore the radiographic principles, the ALARA considerations and the indications for use for this exciting technology.

Integrating Lasers into Dental Hygiene Practice: 10 Reasons Why
Beth Parkes, RDH, BSc
Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH with Dr. Bale, MD and Dr. Doneen, DNP, ARNP

The top 10 reasons to consider adding Laser Therapy into your Dental Hygiene Program is discovered.

Cannabis and Oral Health
Presented by: Nipa Parikh RDH, MDS, BDS
This insightful segment will leave you with a stronger understanding of the role we have as Registered Dental Hygienists for our clients who use cannabis, and the legal consideration we need to understand.

Winter 2019

Snoring and Sleep Apnea…Patient Screening and Verbal Skills
John Viviano, DDS D ADBSM
Dr. Viviano shares different sleep apnea screening tools and verbal skills that we can use with our clients.

Collaboration with Physicians
Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH with Dr. Bale, MD and Dr. Doneen, DNP, ARNP
Lorraine interviews Dr. Bale and Dr. Doneen and discusses how, as dental hygienists, we can collaborate with physicians to help prevent heart attack and strokes with our clients.

Oral Appliance Therapy
John Viviano, DDS D ADBSM
A look at how Oral Appliance Therapy can be an alternative choice of treatment for sleep apneic clients.

CAMBRA Integration: A Practical Approach
Tabetha Magnuszewski, RDH
Discover how implementing CAMBRA as a systematic, practical approach can be beneficial to your practice.

Fall 2019

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Part 4 (Planning)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH, CAE, BA (30 min)
The planning phase involves the establishment of realistic goals and selection of dental hygiene interventions that can move a client closer to optimal oral health. This phase is shared in this session.

Breathing Related Sleep Disorders…The Basics
John Viviano, DDS D ADBSM (30 min)
People who suffer from sleep disorders lives are shortened. In this session we learn about the problem, the consequences if unmanaged and discover treatment options.

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Part 5 (Implementation)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH, CAE, BA (30 min)
The implementation phase of dental hygiene interventions involves the process of carrying out the care plan designed to meet the assessed needs of the client. This phase is shared.

Revive and Thrive: Why Food Matters
Gillian Bogden, CNP (70 min)
Food has a great impact on our client’s lives. In this session we learn about the importance of different foods, along with essential vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care (Part 6: Evaluation & 7: Conclusion)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH, CAE, BA (45 min)
The evaluation phase of the DHPC is shared. This session completes the DHPC series.

Summer 2019

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Part 2 (Assessment)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH, CAE , BA (70min)
The Assessment phase of the DHPC is shared.

Social Responsibility: A Gift from the Heart
GFTH Board of Directors (30 min)
In an interview style presentation, the discussion is on how as dental hygienists it is our responsibility to give back to the vulnerable population in our communities and different ways in which we can do so.

Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea…What’s up with that?
John Viviano, DDS D ADBSM (30 min)
The impact of Sleep Apnea on clients and society, the effectiveness of current Sleep Apnea management and the potential of Oral Appliances on management is presented.

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Part 3 (Dental Hygiene Diagnosis)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH, CAE, BA (20 min)
The Dental Hygiene Diagnosis phase of the DHPC along with samples of DH Diagnostic Statements are shared.

Collaboration with a Sleep Disorders Specialist
Dr. Viviano, DDS D ADBSM (30 min)
A look at how RDH’s can collaborate with Sleep Disorder Specialists to help our clients in need.

Spring 2019

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Part 1 (Intro)
Michelle Atkinson, RDH
An introduction to the Dental Hygiene Process of Care is shared.

Alternatives to Interproximal Cleaning
Sasha McKean, RDH, BSc
An overview of Interproximal aids is discussed and demonstrated.

Collaboration with a Registered Homeopath
Aimee Marples, RDH, DCHM, RHom
A look at how RDH’s can collaborate with Homeopaths to help our clients in need.

The Clinical Dance
Evelyn Ramsay
Ideas and suggestions on improving the client experience is shared.

Winter 2018

New Classifications for Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases
Kerry Lepicek, RDH
The new Classifications for Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases is presented.

The Fearful Client
Beth Parkes, RDH, BSc
Helping clients work through their fear and anxiety in the dental chair through Motivational Interviewing.

What’s New in Oral and Systemic Risk?
Kerry Lepicek, RDH
The Oral-Systemic Connection - Identify the risk factors and red flags that we should be looking for in our practice.

Silver Diamine Fluoride
Lucy Pavao, RDH
The benefits and application for SDF.

Team Communication and Standard of Care
Shawn Peers, LLM, MBA
Recommendations on reinforcing the ‘Standard of Care’ as a team is shared.

Fall 2018

Senior Smiles
Beth Ryerse, RDH
A focus on our Senior Clients; their needs, challenges, services required and how we can communicate are shared.

Probiotics: An Emerging Trend in Oral Health
Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH
An overview of Probiotics, studies to support them and the benefits to oral health.

The Good, the Coping and the Windows of Dementia
Karen Young, FADIA
How we can help our clients and the signs and symptoms to guide us.

Summer 2018

Ethics and Discipline
Beth Ryerse, RDH

A review of ‘Ethics’ along with the misconduct regulations that guide our profession of dental hygiene and the steps to resolving an ethical dilemma if one should occur.

Probiotics and their Application to Oral Health
Dr. Michael Glogauer, DDS, PhD

Probiotics are an interesting and up-and-coming topic as clients try to optimize their health in the most non-invasive manner.

Ultrasonic Debridement:  Positioning Yourself for Success
Dani Botbyl, RDH and Marilyn Goulding, RDH BSc MOS

Ideal positioning is critical for maximizing access of subgingival biofilm and calculus, clinician ergonomics and the reduction of aerosols/water management. With the use of clinical videos, this session will demonstrate positioning of client, operator, finger rest/fulcrum and high-volume evacuation device using piezoelectric and magnetostrictive technology.

Spring 2018

Systemic Periodontitis Should be a Thing!

Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CTDP

A presentation on systemic health and how it relates to oral health with a focus on clinical signs of potential systemic conditions and risk factors.

Universal Curette

Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA

The purpose, blade design, instrument design, instrumentation and expected outcomes for the Universal Curet are examined.

Managing Bacterial Infection – Hard and Soft Tissue

Julie Dinardo, RDH

Reviewing good and bad bacteria that are present in the mouth, how they relate to overall health and chronic disease and how to treat hard and soft tissue.

Common Injuries, Prevention and Exercise Rehabilitation for Dental Professionals

Dr. Allan Chan, D.C., B.Sc. and Irene Chau, MScPT, BScKin

Common injuries for dental hygienist, injury prevention and postural ergonomics are discussed.

Winter 2017

Instrument Maintenance and Creating a Unique Tray Set-up

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH

This session introduces the dental hygienist to new possibilities to add to their tray set-up and reviews a quick and easy Chairside instrument assessment and sharpening method.

Special Bonus: The rdhu Chairside Sharpening Guide is included!

Furcations, Projections, Concavities, Oh My!

Beth Parkes, RDH

This course explores some of the most commonly missed areas during instrumentation. Root morphology is discussed and more specifically how this relates to periodontal disease.

Tipping the Scale for Better Ergonomics

Wendy Birtles, RDH

Evaluate your current tray set-up for efficiency and effectiveness and ‘Tips’ on how to help you ergonomically are shared!

Interview with Dianne Millar: Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation

Diane Millar, RDH

Diane specializes in two-handed scaling and shares some tips on career longevity.

Fall 2017

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

David Goodman (Paramedic)

Medical Emergencies that can take place in the dental practice are covered along with life-saving tips that can help the dental hygienist in his/her practice.

Radiographic Interpretation

Marni Steinburg, RDH, BA, MBA

This course endeavors to help dental hygienists improve their confidence during radiographic interpretation of the Bite-wing, Periapical and Panoramic images.

Summer 2017

Caries Prevention in Kids

Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CTDP

The dental caries process in pediatric clients and CAMBRA is reviewed along with helpful nutritional tips for parents and caregivers.

Improving Your Ultrasonic Techniques for Better Clinical Outcomes

Dani Botbyl, RDH

Active tip contact, tip orientation, channelling and power setting management is presented along with a hands-on demonstration. 

Infection Prevention and Control (Best Practices)

Linda McLarty, IP&C Specialist

Infection Prevention and control in the dental hygiene practice, the most current guidelines and what every dental hygienist needs to know about infection control is presented.

Spring 2017

What Lies Beneath? Discovering the ‘Path’ in Common Oral Lesions Part 3 (of a 3 Part Series)

Susan Woodley, RDH

Understanding groupings of lesions; Comprehensive documentation of common oral lesions and the pathway to referral, how to best manage the symptoms for clients undergoing chemo therapy and radiation are discussed.

Magnification and Illumination in Dentistry: An Ergonomic and Visual Necessity

Ann Tran, PO, RDH

Ideas and concepts of loupes in Dental Hygiene Practice are reviewed.

Becoming More Valuable in Your Practice by Incorporating Orthodontics – A Guide for the Dental Hygienist

Julie Gaffney, BSc, RDH

A review of the basics of orthodontics and how orthodontics can be implemented into the general dental practice.

The Three Pillars of Prevention: Risk Factors, Bacterial Reduction and Host Modulation

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH

Successful evidence-based treatment plan for periodontitis is discussed.

Winter 2016

What Lies Beneath? Discovering the ‘Path’ in Common Oral Lesions (Part 2 of a 3 Part Series)

Susan Woodley RDH

Differential diagnosis of common oral lesions that we may see in our dental hygiene practice.

Smart Solutions to Whitening Success Ann Tran BSc, RO, RDH

A review of different whitening systems that are available and a hands on whitening demonstration is performed.

Improving the Effectiveness of Oraqix Anesthesia for Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Dani Botbyl RDH

The neurophysiology of pain, categories and types of local anesthetics are reviewed and Oraqix is demonstrated.

Drugs and Addiction Jennifer Turner BSC, RDH

A look at a variety of drugs and addictions that we may encounter in our dental hygiene practice.

Fall 2016

Spotlight on Healthy Hand Strategies – Sharpening Your Focus on Scaling Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP and Cindy Purdy, RDH, BSDH, CEAS

Feminine Strategies of Client Enrollment – Mastering the Art of Authentic Marketing Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, MSEC

Learn how to increase your communication skills to increase your client enrollment/acceptance.

Wellness: An interview with Dr.Uche Odiatu, DDS

An avalanche of evidence demonstrates the link between your clients mouths with their lifestyle habits: lack of sleep, shift work, poorly managed stress, overeating and sedentary living.

Engaging with Clients – Communication Skills that Improve Case Acceptance Dr. Jim Hyland, DDS

Learn powerful presentation techniques to demonstrate the seriousness of periodontal disease to help our clients achieve optimal health.

Summer 2016

Oral Cancer: Clinical and Educational Resources for Today’s Dental Hygiene Practice

Jo-Anne Jones RDH

Practical resources for your dental hygiene practice.

What Lies Beneath? Discovering the ‘Path’ in Common Lesions

Susan Woodley RDH

Part 1 of a 3 part series focusing on common oral lesions.

Considerations for the Head and Neck Cancer Patient in the Dental Hygiene Setting

Jennifer Cicci RDH

A personal journey of a dental hygienist who is an Oral Cancer Survivor.

Special Bonus Feature: Oral Science

Spring 2016

Get Engaged!

Kathleen Bokrossy RDH

Learn strategies to become engaged within your dental hygiene practice and with your clients.

Halitosis is Nature’s Way of Telling You Your Mouth is Sick

Kerry Lepicek RDH

An overview of the causes of bad breath and bad taste, how halitosis affects our clients life and systemic health…what treatments can be administered.

A Wellness-Based Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Lorraine Gambacourt RDH

A fresh approach at treating periodontal disease, non-surgically is examined.

The 5 Hottest Trends in Dental Hygiene Right Now!

Jennifer Turner RDH

A look at what is hot in dental hygiene right now is shared.

Winter 2015

Performing Effective Clinical Assessments

Jennifer Turner RDH

Use of subjective and objective data, nutritional choices and the oral cancer examination.

Discovering Sickle Scalers

Anna Louise Tolan RDH, FADIA

An overview of the purpose, instrument design and goals for using the sickle scalers.

The Oral Systemic Link: A Summary

Sara De Nino RDH, RNCP

Putting it all together – a vision of the whole patient care philosophy.

Taking an Effective Alginate Impression

Lesley Knapp RDH

Tips on taking the impression and how materials should be managed to achieve an optimal result.

Fall 2015

The Top 10 Medically Compromised Clients

Jennifer Turner RDH

An in-depth review of the most frequently seen medical conditions being encountered in to-day’s practices.

The Secret Killer

Jo-Anne Jones RDH

Understanding the Oral-Systemic Link and the Inflammatory Response.

An Oral Cancer Interview

Jennifer Cicci RDH and Jo-Anne Jones RDH

An up close and personal discussion with Jennifer Cicci RDH, a stage IV oropharyngeal cancer survivor.

Whole Person-Centered Care - A Children’s Health Focus

Sara DeNino Paone RDH RNCP

The role of the dental hygienist in assessing and monitoring their young clients’ whole body wellness,

Maintaining Your Edge

Kathleen Bokrossy RDH

An instrument sharpening and instrument maintenance workshop

Summer 2015

A Pharmacology Review

Jennifer Turner RDH

An in-depth review of the prescribing trends and modes of action of the most frequently encountered therapeutic agents.

Assessing Our Diagnostic Instruments

Anna Louise Tolan RDH FADIA

An overview of the recommended choices and uses of the Mirror, the Explorer, Probes and Cotton Dressing Pliers.

The Oral Systemic Link and Whole Body Wellness

Sara DeNino Paone RDH

The role of the dental hygienist in assessing and monitoring their clients’ whole body wellness.

Safety 101 – Safety Training in the Dental Office

Lauren McFarlane

A review of policies and implementation tips in affecting safety training in the dental office.

Spring 2015

The Interpretation of Radiographs

Dr. Ross Barlow DDS

An in-depth review relative to the various caries displays that would normally present, plus a review of the periodontal examination and the clinical assessment.

Smoking Cessation

Loretta Langille RDH

The five “A’s” of client interaction, the Trans-Theological Model, and a review of client resources for early intervention.

Early Diagnosis of Oral Pharyngeal Cancer

Jo-Anne Jones RDH

An overview of the incidence of cancer, the oral cavity sites and the life-saving symptoms of which one should be aware.

The Oral Systemic Link

Sara DeNino Paone RDH

An introduction to the Whole Person-Centered Care Philosophy of client care.

Safety 101 – Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety

Lauren McFarlane

A review of the awareness factors of health and safety and how these apply to all practicing dental hygienists.

Winter 2014

Four Ways to Assist our Anxious Clients

Anna Louise Tolan RDH

An overview of those circumstances causing office visit anxiety, plus strategies to employ in support of these clients.

Legal Issues of Current Interest to the RDH

Joyce Weinman LLB MSc RDH

Jonah Arnold LL

A legal perspective on quality assurance, employer/employee relations, plus insights on the independent practice.

How to Maximize Biofilm Disruptions with Ultrasonics

Dani Botbyl RDH

A review of current research, with special emphasis on the “Five Must-Dos” for successful biofilm disruption.

Fall 2014

Message Delivered – Received?

Beth Ryerse RDH

Proven communication techniques to ensure an improved understanding between you and your client.

The Phase Contrast Microscope.

Carol Wells RDH

Enhancing, visually, the relationship between disease-related bacteria and the resulting oral infection.

The Case for Complete Health Dentistry.

Carol Wells RDH

A unique approach to achieving and maintaining whole body wellness through improved oral health.

The Intra-Oral Camera/Ergonomic Tips.

Preeti Amin RDH

How best to maximize the benefits of digital technology in your practice.

Summer 2014

Stopping the Stigma of Mental Health Disorders

Nadine Russell RDH - a national speaker and recognized specialist in the clinical treatment of those clients challenged with mental health issues.

A review of these disorders and recommended treatment methods for the dental hygienist.

Woman Abuse: Is it in Your Operatory?

Beth Ryerse RDH – a Professional Educator and internationally recognized speaker. The impact of abuse and the proactive role of the dental hygienist.

Eating Disorders

Nadine Russell RDH - A national speaker and recognized specialist in the clinical treatment of eating disorders.

The exceptional needs presented by these ailments.

Essential Communications Skills for the RDH

Michelle Atkinson RDH – a national speaker and specialist in the area of client communications. Critical issues to consider, and the skill sets to develop for optimal client understanding.

Dental Hygiene Business Breakthrough Blueprint

Kathleen Bokrossy RDH – a nationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur and President of rdhu, the Advanced Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Centre.

The eight-step program of marketing strategies for the development of a successful practice.

Spring 2014

Dental Implants – Maintenance Protocols – Anna Louise Tolan RDH

What you should know dental implants – your maintenance check list and instrumentation tips.

Understanding the Client with ADHD – Nadine Russell RDH

An overview of the symptoms, prevalence, co-associated conditions and management tips of ADHD.

Ethical Decision-making – Michelle Atkinson RDH

The CDHA Code of Ethics and its Five Principles.

Successfully Paperless – Laura D’Ascenzo RDH

A future look and vision for the profession

How Comfortable is your Comfort Zone – Truly? – Beth Ryerse RDH

Identifying your optimal skills, plus, considerations of alternative practice opportunities.

Winter 2013

The Soft Tissue Diode Laser – Jo-Anne Jones RDH

Laser integration into the dental hygiene practice – the Evidence! The Opportunity!

Dental Implants – Process of Care – Anna Louise Tolan RDH

What you should know dental implants - options and choices.

The Triathlon of Dental Hygiene Practice - Palmer Nelson, DDH, BA

A future look and vision for the profession

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care – Michelle Atkinson RDH

The significance and purpose of the process of care, and its five basic components.

Fall 2013

Responsible Periodontal Management

Dr. Cary Galler, D.D.S., M.S.C.

The Periodontal Summary Score – a protocol for the provision of high quality patient management care.

Fascinating Facts About Saliva

Linda M. Douglas, RDH

Seven strategies for Xerostomia management, and the future of saliva testing.

Dental Implants

Anna Louise Tolan, RDH

What dental hygienists should know to informatively introduce dental implants to their clients.

Summer 2013

Systemic Conditions and Drugs that Impact Hygiene Practice

Edy Braun, DDS, FRCD(C)

An in-depth review of the Periodontal Disease Classification System including the systemic and genetic disorders and drug treatment influences affecting one’s dental hygiene practice.

Orthodontic Brackets

Trish Kinsey RRDH

A comprehensive review of bracket types and features

Bonding Pearls

Trish Kinsey RRDH.

New techniques to enhance the clinical practice

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nadine Russell, RDH

An overview of the dental challenges presented by the ASD client, with expert clinical tips on and how to best achieve an optimal long-term outcome.

Spring 2013

Motivational Interviewing to Achieve Client Change

Dr. Peter Selby

A comprehensive review of a practical approach to successful cessation of tobacco use.

Oral Hygiene for the Orthodontic Patient

Trish Kinsey RRDH

New techniques: do’s and don’ts for optimal long-term results.

Orthodontic Instrumentation

Trish Kinsey RRDH.

The optimal selection of instruments for various procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Dani Botbyl, RDH

An in-depth review of the five most common instrumentation questions posed by practicing dental hygienists.

Balanced Fitness – Exercises and Stretches for the RDH

Bonnie Giampa Briar Krieger

Essential Eating Habits for the RDH

Bonnie Giampa Briar Krieger

Winter 2012

Smoking Cessation in Dentistry

Dr. Peter Selby

A comprehensive review of tobacco types, evidence-based interventions and medication support options.

Oral Cancer – An Emerging Pandemic

Jo-Anne Jones RDH

An overview of oral cancer statistics, causes, HPV characteristics and intervention support sources

How to do and Effective Intra-Oral Exam

Jo-Anne Jones RDH

A demonstration of the proper techniques required to achieve optimal diagnostic results, oral cancer symptoms and early discovery methods.

Dying to be Thin

Stacey Manning

The oral implications of eating disorders, related systemic implications and the role of the dental hygienist in discovery and management.

An Ethical Dilemma – What’s the Problem?

Beth Ryerse RDH

A process of guidance to ensure the best ethical decisions. Understanding the Dental Hygiene Code of Ethics, and recommended resolution techniques to achieve optimal outcomes.

Fall 2012

CAMBRA - Caries Management by Risk Assessment Jo-Anne Jones RDH

Introducing CAMBRA best practices into your dental practice.

The Canary System – The Diagnosis of Dental Caries Cathy Tasevski RDH

Finding decay has never been easier. An overview of how this unique system can be implemented into your practice

Device Reprocessing in Dental Facilities Rick Bauer PhD

A review of infection control guidelines and best practices for instrument sterilization.

Managing your Orthodontic Client- an Integral Role Anna Louise Tolan RDH

An overview of the processes of care and areas of prevention to be considered in orthodontic client care management.

Do You See What I See?

Jennifer Turner RDH and Scott Gibson

A look at superior visualization for the dental hygiene practice.

Summer 2012

Self-Care Coaching Tips – Client Home Tips Anna Louise Tolan RDH

First appointment expectations for the more advanced periodontic challenges.

Muscle Matters – Seated stretching to save your body John Gifford, CBPM, NCTMB

Simple strategies for protecting yourself from the muscular risks of your daily dental hygiene practice.

Performance Improvement – Part #1 Nancy Johnston RDH

Fundamentals of Hand Instrumentation to improve client outcomes.

Performance Improvement – Part #2 Nancy Johnston RDH

The Benefits if Ultrasonic Instrumentation reviews Piezo technology in providing individualized client care.

Oral Hygiene Coaching Jeannette Kulik RDH

An overview of the basics of communication, the art of questioning, plus the use of staining to achieve your clients’ self-confidence.

Hygiene Spring 2012

Infection Prevention & Control in the Dental Office

Leslie Sanderson RDH

A comprehensive review of dental office infection prevention policies, procedures and techniques.

What’s in a Name – A Glossary for Oral Lesions

Susan Woodley RDH

An overview of descriptive terminology for common oral lesions.

The Power of Imaging – Intra Oral Camera Tips

Preeti Amin RDH

Integrating the intra-oral camera into the dental practice.