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Starting in Spring 2016, with every Dental Hygiene Quarterly edition, a product or a company, that is dental hygiene related, is featured. Please visit the portal to view the Special Features!


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Spring 2018 – Julie Dinardo, RDH from Gleam Smile Centre Dental Hygiene Clinic

Gleam Smile Centre is an independent dental hygiene practice that focuses on preventive oral health care. In operation since 2008, Gleam Smile Centre has developed a proactive approach to treating gum infection to carious lesions. Using the latest research and technology, individualized care and treatment planning is made possible. Through networking and being involved with case studies for over a half decade, Gleam Smile Centre has become a resource hub for other health care professionals thus allowing for better health outcomes for all.


Winter 2017 – Wendy Birtles, RDH from Paradise Dental Technology

PDT is not just another instrument company. Our instument designs are developed through years of listening and observing clinicians that have helped us innovate and develope our product line. PDT has lighter more ergonomic instrument handles with enhanced grip and better blade adaptation. Our ergonomic instruments help reduce repetitive strain injuries for clinicians. Our blade designs help clinicians be more effective and efficient while keeping clients more comfortable.

PDT is also well known for the Gleason Guide thats helps maintain a cutting edge original factory angles on all scalers and curettes.

PDT also offers a full line of cassettes, restorative and surgical instruments.


Fall 2017 – Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait is a paramedic-run First Aid and CPR company based out of Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in the Healthcare Provider CPR certification for dental professionals, in addition to medical emergency training. All of our courses take place in the comfort of your own office. First Aid certifications are also part of our scope. All of our programs are approved but the CDHO, RCDSO (Core II), and the WSIB of Ontario.

Heaven Can Wait offers in-office medical emergency preparedness inspections as well as the sale of defibrillators and other medical emergency equipment.

In addition, we provide speakers for conventions and dental hygiene societies, discussing topics on medical emergencies, office preparedness and resuscitation.



Summer 2017 – Dental Marketer

At Dental Marketer, we provide the tools to ensure that you have a steady stream of new patients every month. We offer a system that is easy to implement into your practice that will leave your patient’s feeling happy, important and will want to share their experience with friends and family! Leaving you time to enjoy the things you love the most. Let Dental Marketer take you to the next level. To receive our FREE book: The 8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice visit: www.8simplesecrets.com


Spring 2017 – The Germiphene Corp

Since 1952, Germiphene Corporation has set a standard of excellence in the manufacture and distribution of products for the health care industry; including sterilants, disinfectants, cleaners, oral health and pharmaceuticals. Germiphene produces, packages and ships over 80 Germiphene products to customers all across Canada, plus exports to 26 countries worldwide. A Canadian, family-owned company, Germiphene has grown and expanded because they understand the industry and your needs. They offer exceptional customer service and have a dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff to educate and serve you.

The feel their existence, their progress, and growth depends directly on complete customer satisfaction. Their drive for continued improvement is a daily commitment shown by educating their customers, developing new products, enforcing strict quality standards, and nurturing customer relationships. They consider it to be their responsibility to further their participation in the growth and prosperity of their customers. They acknowledge their social responsibilities by adopting a greener mentality, and creating products that are safe for you, your clients and our environment.

To learn more about Germiphene and their product line, please visit www.Germiphene.com


Winter 2016 – Throat Scope

Throat Scope is the world’s first all-in-one illuminated tongue depressor providing one-handed examination and entire illumination of the oral cavity and throat. Since its launch in 2015 and backing by Shark Tank Australia, Throat Scope is now in 146 countries. It has been very well received and used by medical professionals, dental professionals, speech language pathologists, veterinarians and the consumer market worldwide. Throat Scope will provide an easy, fast and accurate view of the mouth and throat. The reusable handle will provide 20 hours of continuous use and the disposable tongue depressors are just pennies per patient. Throat Scope may be purchased online at www.throatscope.com


Fall 2016 – LM Dental Instruments

For over 25 years, Bisco Canada has been a leader in the Canadian dental market with its high-performance materials sourced from manufacturers all over the world. Bisco Canada is the exclusive dealer of LM Instruments in Canada. LM is a pioneer in ergonomics and a leader in innovation. Recently LM has launched a line of instruments with a contemporary coating technology making Sharpen FREE hygiene and NON-Stick restorative instruments a reality. Today, Bisco Canada remains steadfast in delivering exceptional products from a variety of manufacturers to help dental professionals achieve superior clinical results. If you have any questions or require more information on any of the products we carry please call 1-800-667-8811 and speak with one of our highly trained staff members. www.biscocanada.com


Summer 2016 – Oral Science

Oral Science has always been at the forefront of supporting and contributing to the success of dental practices. Since the founding of their company more than 12 years ago, they have always believed that a successful dental hygiene department and increased patient satisfaction are essential parts of the foundation of a prosperous dental practice.

Their mission is to Create Synergy with your dental hygiene department. They optimize and create predictable clinical outcomes for your patients, therefore increasing trust and loyalty. They have a team of committed and passionate dental professionals who truly understand the inner workings of modern dental practices. They are ready to partner with you to integrate the most effective treatments available for today’s demanding patients. Visit www.oralscience.com for more information.


Spring 2016 – OraVital

The OraVital® System covers all the bases when it comes to controlling the oral infections that cause periodontal disease, halitosis, peri-implantitis and caries. It is non-invasive, easy to use and highly effective. When used as directed, we guarantee an 87% reduction in BOP and a 79-84% reduction in pockets.

Our system includes:
Diagnosis: Utilizing the most accurate biofilm DNA testing available
Treatment: Prescribing antibiotic/antifungal rinses as a highly-effective alternative to systemic antibiotic pills
Maintenance: Implementing a comprehensive home care regimen and over the counter mouthwashes to keep the biofilm stable

OraVital Inc.
111 RailSide Road Unit 100
Toronto Ontario