About Us

Mission Statement

Dental Hygiene Quarterly, in partnership with National Dental Hygiene Professional Associations, provides quality continuing education to assist dental hygienists to maintain high standards of professional practice.

The Dental Hygiene Quarterly publication is clinically-based and intended to complement other forms of professional development through conferences, meetings, publications.

We provide you with both online and DVD access to an excess of evidence based, hands on demonstrations, interviews, and free product samples for under $200 a year.

In an every changing, rapidly advancing profession, Dental Hygiene Quarterly is committed to providing the most up to date, leading edge CE that can be immediately integrated into ‘your practice’.


Founded in 2005 through the CME Network, the Dental Hygiene Quarterly (formerly DVD Quarterly of Dental Hygiene) has become a primary source of Continuing Education and accreditation to thousands of dental hygienists in Canada, the United States and Internationally.

In the spring 2016, Dental Hygiene Quarterly joined rdhu. rdhu offers hands-on professional development, speaking engagements and team events, which compliments this online publication.